Pre-Construction Assignment Sale FAQ

20. May 2020 05:04

Pre-Construction Assignment Sale FAQ

Q: What is an Assignment Sale? 

A: An assignment sale is the sale of the contract for a newly built or still under construction condo unit or home. 

Q: Why do Assignment Sales Occur? 

A: Because it usually takes several years to completely build a pre-construction condo building or new home, things in someone’s life can change during that time leading to them no longer needing or wanting the home. 

Q: Are Assignment Sales Legal? 

A: Yes, assignment sales are legal. Developers will usually include a clause within the original Agreement of Purchase and Sale.  

Q: Who is the Assignor? 

A: The Assignor is the original purchaser of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale from the developer. 

Q: Who is the Assignee? 

A: The Assignee is the purchaser of the Agreement of Purchase and Sale from the Assignor. 

Q: What is the Assignor Responsible For? 

A: The Assignor will usually have to pay a small fee back to the developer and a legal fee if they choose to assign their purchase. These costs will be outlined within the Purchase of Agreement and Sale. Also if for some reason the Assignee does not close the sale at final closing. The Assignor may still be on the hook for the contract.  

Q: What is the Assignee Responsible For? 

A: The Assignee is now responsible for any and all fees and charges related to the contract; deposits, charges, occupancy fees, closing costs, etc.  

Q: How does an Assignment Sale Benefit the Assignor (Original Purchaser)? 

A: Depending on how much time has passed and how much the land has appreciated the Assignor may make a profit off of his original purchase.  

Q: How does an Assignment Sale Benefit the Assignee (New Buyer)? 

A: When the Assignee takes over the contract for the home in question, they will inherit any incentives that were included with the original purchase and will not have to wait years to move into a brand new, never lived in home. 

Q: Should I Seek the Advice of a Lawyer During This Process? 

A: Whether you are the Assignor or Assignee, it is always essential to seek the expertise of a lawyer that specializes in real estate to look over any and all paperwork and contracts and help you navigate through any legal jargon you may not understand.  

Q: Where Can I Find Available Assignment Sales? 

A: Most Assignment Sales won’t be found through MLS listings, so if you are interested in finding your dream home through an Assignment Sale, your best bet is to contact Geo Condos Certified Expert today. We specialize in preconstruction builds and are thoroughly educated in Assignment Sales and can answer any questions you have.  

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